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For those who are just learning about GOJI REPUBLIC, we want to give you a brief introduction to the brand that is now loved by thousands of people. 

GOJI REPUBLIC was created out of a desire to highlight the countless benefits of goji fruit. Many people have asked us "But why goji?" and are surprised to learn the answer.

Eduard and Iulia Catargi, co-founders of the brand, started out bravely in the field of agriculture, totally opposite to the career in law that they both left, to set up near Brasov, Romania the first organic goji farm in the country, with an EU-certified variety of goji. Yes, although it is not well known, we can be proud to have our own superfruit, a Transylvanian goji variety called "Kronstadt". So, having the best quality raw material, it was just one more step towards creating premium and natural cosmetics based on our organic goji.

We all know that the cosmetics industry is oversaturated globally, but although it has many benefits, the goji extract is still not being leveraged to its full potential, so we set out to create a natural cosmetics brand exclusively based on our goji extract.


For the first range we wanted to create products suitable for all skin types that address a basic skin need, namely hydration - hence the name HYDRA. The word SENSE refers to the calming and relaxing sensory-olfactory properties of natural jasmine and lavender extract, the unique scent that all our customers already love.

At the moment this range includes face and body products, but the most popular product is our goji serum.


The creation of all the products required a lot of work and research because, as mentioned before, the goji extract is still not very common in the cosmetic industry. Months of testing were needed to find the perfect formulation that enhances both the properties of the goji fruit and the other natural ingredients used in our products.

Of course, all products are cruelty-free, vegan, and are created through an exclusive handmade process with love and care at our headquarters in Brasov, Transylvania. What's more, we use containers that are internationally recognized as the most effective for natural cosmetics, made of the highest quality, dark glass, called Violet Glass, which helps to preserve our products naturally.


For the face serum HYDRA SENSE Night Potion, we have chosen a formulation that provides the daily supply of vitamins and nutrients needed to keep the skin healthy. It is easy-to-use and integrate into your skincare routine and it primarily helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, stimulate collagen production, reduce hyperpigmentation, fade wrinkles and prevent signs of ageing by combating oxidative stress


Organic Transylvanian goji extract - HYDRA SENSE Night Potion serum is naturally enriched with Vitamin Can antioxidant found in abundance in goji berries, which stimulates collagen production and reduces hyperpigmentation. The result? A healthier, brighter and more vibrant complexion. What's more, extensive tests carried out on this extract show that it is rich in polysaccharides, carotenoids, zinc and vitamin B1, which help to improve the complexion, reduce inflammation and prevent skin ageing by combating the effects of oxidative stress.

Sweet Almond Oil - HYDRA SENSE Night Potion formula includes Sweet Almond Oil, which has a high content of Omega-9 oleic acidwith an ultra-hydrating and emollient effect. So after applying the serum, your skin will be instantly hydrated and feel extremely soft to the touch.

Grape Seed Oil - is emollient, antioxidant, nourishing, moisturizing. It is among the only oils that can also be used for oily and combination skin, being a light oil that has a good affinity with the skin. Emollient due to the presence of fatty acids in large quantities (linoleic and oleic). It is an oil rich in polyphenols - important allies against the ageing process, and together with vitamin E contained in it, increase the antioxidant and protective effect on the skin.

Other natural ingredients in the HYDRA SENSE Night Potion formula that contribute to the health and radiance of your complexion are: carrot seed oilMarigold extract and chamomile flower extract.

The serum's unique scent comes from natural lavender and jasmine extract. 

Lavender extract is a common ingredient in natural cosmetics. But in addition to skin benefits such as treating wounds, cleansing, detoxifying and soothing problematic skin, research suggests that lavender may also be useful for treating insomnia and anxiety.

The jasmine extract used is Sambac, known to be the best for the cosmetic industry, superior to other types. It is often used in aromatherapy because the scent of jasmine stimulates the release of serotonin improving mood. However, in addition to its fragrant and calming scent, it also has beneficial skin properties such as moisturising and reducing pigmentation spots.


As an innovation on the market, we have received numerous questions about how to use goji serum, and how it can be introduced into your regular skincare routine. 

Its formula, which is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, makes HYDRA SENSE Night Potion a versatile product suitable for all skin types that can be integrated into the evening skincare routine as the penultimate step before applying moisturiser. But it can also be used on its own without applying other products after a gentle cleansing. We recommend testing several variants and finding the one that works best for your skin.

The serum can also be applied in the morning, before sunscreen. Also, its light, non-sticky consistency and instant moisturising effect make HYDRA SENSE Night Potion an excellent make-up base.

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of product to clean skin in circular motions until the product is completely absorbed into the skin. Only 2-3 drops are needed as it is a concentrated serum full of vitamins. It can also be used on the eye contour area but direct contact with the eyes should be avoided.


We receive daily messages of appreciation and excellent feedback from our customers, and this makes us happy, motivates us and gives us the confidence and courage to continue this process of revolutionizing and innovating the cosmetic industry with our organic Transylvanian goji extract and the high standards of GOJI REPUBLIC. 

So, if you want a natural product to enjoy every day and make your complexion visibly healthier, we invite you to try HYDRA SENSE Night Potion.